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Coach Tools . org

A series of tools to hlep your build your coaching business!

Step #1 - Let everyone know that you are in business:

- Word Templates for Business Cards and Labels
Step #2 - Have a space to do business:

FaceBook Application

- Customized Code to Make your own personalized FaceBook Store
Step #3 - Use professional content:

- Links to several articles that you can customize and share about TBB topics.
Step #4 - Make it easy to share products & videos:

- A series of customized links for all BeachBody products
Step #5 - Measure your activity and results:

Business Activity Tracker

- Download a tool to keep track of the activity that you are doing in your Business
Step #6 - Earn your first Rank Advancement:

Emerald Cost Analysis

- A report on the investment of an Emerald Business Center
Step #7 - Maintain you weekly Rank:

- Calculate your Team BeachBody Coach Rank based on your sponsorship drilldown report
Step #8 - Have Documents Handy:

Zipped Coaching Info Pack

- A zipped pack of forms and info necessary for coaching
Step #9 - Learn from the Leaders:

- The entire collection of our Team BeachBody Leadership Call Series
Step #10 - Earn Elite Status:

- Calcualte and predict your elite points
Step #11 - Calculate your Bonus:

Cycle Bonus Calculator

- Tool to determine your weekly Team Cycle Bonus
Step #12 - Find a Downline Coach:

- A place to find the Screen Name from the corresponding Coach Number
Calling Leads

- Proven Method for calling your customer leads
Contact Tool

Coming Soon - A tool to help you manage all of your contacts Import/Export to your favorite software programs
Customer Download

Coming Soon - A step by Step method for downloading all of your customers from Team BeachBody
Coming Soon


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