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Jason Diebold

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This is my “Like” page that has unlimited membership where I can add everyone.  This is the one FaceBook place where I can add everyone if you want to keep up with what I am doing, my tips and tricks.



Jason “PuckHead” Diebold – Personal page

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This is my 1st main page however is is full most of the time so be patient if I can’t add you immediately.  You are always welcomed to follow me here to see my latest posts.



My Client Page – Jason Diebold

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This page is just for my clients only and some of my best coaches that have gone through all of the getting started right training.  Please do not be offended if I don’t accept other friend requests here.  I need a page to keep best care of my clients and coaches.  You are always welcomed to follow me here to see my latest posts.


My Fitness Motivation & Accountability Page – Puck’s Punishment

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This page was created for me to share what I was do on a daily basis to get ready for events!  I just wanted some friends to commit with me to setting a goal and accomplishing it!  It has expanded to some of my best Beach Body friends.  This group is available by request only to folks that commit to daily picture posting to help motivate and keep each other accountable!


Our Team Page – The Fit Union

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A page for all of our team members to come together to share ideas and methods.  Obviously, if your a teammate you should add this page as well.


My Book – Your Dream Machine

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This is a page for my book.



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