Jason “PuckHead” Diebold

Hi and welcome to my “Story” page!  If you’r here that is AWESOME!  We must have met and there was something that I saw about you that made me think that you would be great for this opportunity as well!  I feel in order to see if our Fitness or Business is right for you, it may help to know more about me.

My fitness journey

Here is a video where I shared my story on stage for the very first time publicly:

I have been a  BeachBody customer since September 11, 2003.  Wow, that is well over 11 years of experience with the BeachBody programs.  No doubt that because I have been around the company for so long I have learned all of the in’s and out’s and can help you skip many of the mistakes that I made in the process.  Here is my very first company profile picture that shows my join date.

11 years of experience with the BeachBody system of Health and Fitness!

11+ years of experience with the BeachBody system of Health and Fitness!

Coaching Experience

I have been a  fitness coach for Team BeachBody since May 3, 2007.  That is over seven years helping myself and others get fit and build a solid business that provides lots of happiness and freedom.  This picture shows my actual coach start date.

Coach Start Date

I have also won several awards from the company

December 2007 Mens 30-40 year old Million Dollar Body game winner

This is the video that the company produced to celebrate that monthly win.  In it is a description of the challenges that I went through and the solutions like Power 90 and P90X that helped me change my own life.  Through all of the struggles that I have been through. ecember 2007 Million Dollar Body Game Winner

Fall 2009 Top Beachbody Coach Winner

This is the video that the company made to celebrate the Top Coaching Award.  In it you can see the tools and methods that I used to build a great big business that allowed me to quit my full time job in a few short years so that I can pursue my passion for health and fitness with others.

18th Person to qualify for our companies Millionaire Club

Wow, I can hardly believe that I am posting this video!  It really shows how emotional I can get when it comes to the way that I feel about helping others accomplish their own goals!  Ok take it easy on me.  Here it is:

I have also achieved the Elite coach title for years 2010, 2011 & 2012.


Now I don’t point out these achievements to brag or boast!  I am sharing with you my experiences so that you can see it is possible to change your own life dramatically if you choose to.   For me when I saw other people get fit and become financially better off it gave me HOPE!  So I only share these vulnerable experiences in the hope that it can empower you too!


Obviously I have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you get fit too both physically and financially as well!

To become a coach on our very successful team please fill out the application for Team BeachBody Coaching.

If the business opportunity does not sound right for you today than I believe we do have a health program than you can use to accomplish your goals.  Please select a fitness program that looks right for you!

Let me Help you to Achieve your Goals too

I would LOVE the opportunity to learn more about you and help you achieve your wildest dreams!

The best way to do that is to:

  1. Fill out an online questionnaire about yourself
  2. Schedule a time for us to talk about the solutions that will work best for your own needs



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