Leadership is equal attention to every teammate

I had an epiphany today if you will!

From time to time we are all so absorbed with maximizing our business success that we sometimes give our attention and priorities to a select few.

Our first 3 levels for elite. Our PS coaches for Rank Advancement. Our weak side coaches for higher bonuses.

I have for sure been guilty of all three of those I admit. If you ever felt that I do apologize.

Our goals are important! However, they are not all that is important! Sometimes it takes a big shift (or a kick in the pants) to see that.

When you each max out comp plan in your first CBC (not if but when!) you too will realize that an extra 100 PV in the “wrong” spot won’t make or break you. The importance is truly the relationships that you build in the process.

Each email, txt, message, post, Like, handshake or call is really just a person who looks up to you reaching out for you to uplift them a little bit. Some of the places that they are coming from are pretty bad places that we don’t even need to know about to appreciate. Each of us came from a worse place than where we are today, so we can appreciate it.

If you are on a sports team would you not help out another player who asked for help? Just because they were on the strongest part of your team or too new for you to ever see the rewards of that mentorship in future years to come?

Of course not you would for sure help any teammate in any way that you could. Why because we all have an inner desire to give, share and inspire. Why because you want your team grow to get better even if that happens a few years after you leave the field. That is called leaving a legacy!

I was talking to a teammate today Loretta Longo. She said these few words that really touched and inspired me.

“Thank you for reaching SO far down into your downline. I encourage a culture of support with my team and to see that from above is just a phenomenal feeling.”

Thank you @Loretta I think that she understood that she was not  my PS coach, or in my first three levels, or even on my “weak” leg. And truly just appreciate any attention that I could give her. ;0)  Isn’t that what we are really after is supporting our best leaders with “phenomenal feeling”s of support!

An inspired response then came through me (I doubt from me).

“team is team no matter how deep the roster is!”

She agreed even if from a different perspective than my own.

Then it occurred to me that I was not always being that way!

My pledge is to be that from now on. Yes I will falter from time to time. I will have to manage balance with all areas of my life not just business as much as sometimes I would like it to be. However, I will make it my commitment to treat our whole team as equals! My belief is that if I give focus on who are doing the work no matter where their points come in at. It will inspire the whole of our group and initially that success may not be in the most profitable position, it will go on to inspire everyone to be their best.

Michael Jordan was quoted as saying that his only competition was with his own limits of what others believed was possible.

Jordan shot

Who are you competing with?

Where are you playing not to lose, instead of aiming to win big.

I believe that was my reality for along time and I tell you now my intentions are not to help a mere few but to empower the many.  My hope is that you are on board too!

If you are interested in seeing what being part of a team like this can do to help support you to achieving your own goals and helping many other people in the process then PLEASE follow this link below to see what we can do for you as well!



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