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All of our calls are now available on iTunes now and downloadable to all devices as podcasts!

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All of our FUTURE weekly Team Calls are listed here:

All of our PAST team calls are listed here

All of our calls are now available on iTunes now and downloadable to all devices as podcasts!
Click the image below to download at iTunes

The Leadership Calls were Reborn Sept 2011 so those will take a bit different format..

You can download any of these .mp3 files by right clicking on any link below and saving the file to your computer.

Enjoy these past calls

NEW ZOOM Videoconference Calls

10/07/2016 - Fit Union Team Leadership Call Zoom Videoconference with Jeff Armbruster and Joel Freeman
10/13/2016 - Fit Union Team Leadership Call Zoom Videoconference with Jeff Armbruster and Arnauld Nakaha
10/27/2016 - Fit Union Team Leadership Call Zoom Videoconference with Chris Reed - No More Excuses
12/08/2016 - Fit Union Team Leadership Call Zoom Videoconference with Jeff and Jason on Using Snapchat

2012-Current Fit Union Team Calls:
2012-06-28_40_Nicole H Jones n Puck - Post Summit and Coach Toolbag.mp3
2012-07-12_41_Dave Ward n Heather Perkins - Strategic Social .mp3
2012-07-19_42_Mike n Tami French - Running 30 Days to Profit Groups.mp3
2012-07-25_43_Keith Callahan - Quick Business Success Tips.mp3
2012-08-01_44_Christina Richardson - Closing.mp3
2012-08-09_45_Nicole H Jones - Brian Tracy from Camp Do More - Setting Goals.mp3
2012-08-16_46_Crash Gladys - Radio Host talks BeachBody.mp3
2012-08-23_47_Craig Holiday.mp3
2012-08-30_48_Aaron Mathis - Basics for Success.mp3
2012-09-06_49_Tommy Mygrant - Take Action.mp3
2012-09-13_50_Mindi Wender - Rags 2 Riches - Social Media.mp3
2012-09-27_51_Jeff and Jason - Leadership Recap 2012.mp3
2012-10-11_57_Jeff n Christina - TBB Challenge Groups.mp3
2012-10-18_58_Jeff n Christina - Run A Business Opportunity Presentation.mp3
2012-10-25_59_Sagi Kalev - His Story.mp3
2012-11-15_60_Shelly Parise - Lead Generation.mp3
2012-11-28_61_Jeff CSR Julie Mindy Cody - Disney Planning Call.mp3
2012-11-29_62_Jason - How to Get on an Infomercial.mp3
2012-12-06_63_Jeff - Get REAL with your Coaching - Ending 2012 Strong.mp3
2012-12-13_64_Jeff n Jason - Setting a STRONG Business Foundation.mp3
2012-12-20_65_CSR Christy Moore Shannon Ostby n Deb Barak - Share Tips.mp3
2013-01-10_66_Jeff n Jason n Christina - Success Club Cruise Details.mp3
2013-01-24_67_Christina n Jeff - New TBB Lead Program.mp3
2013-01-31_68_Jeff - Running Fit Clubs.mp3
2013-02-07_69_Monica Ward - Setting a Plan and a Road Map.mp3
2013-02-14_70_Mike Christian - Diamond Success Story.mp3
2013-02-28_71_Mindy Hord n Becky Brossett - Tips for Success Club points.mp3
2013-03-07_72_Mark Briggs - 9 star Coach tips and his Story.mp3
2013-03-14_73_Jessica Campos - From Discount Coach to Top 5.mp3
2013-03-28_74_Jeff n Jason - Post Disney and Team Challenge Groups.mp3
2013-04-04_75_Jeff n Jason - FORMing process & Union Challenge Groups.mp3
2013-04-11_76_Arnauld Nakaha - Summit Push.mp3
2013-04-18_77_Brandi Botts - Her Story 7 Top 5 Tips.mp3
2013-04-26_78_Dragan Trajkovski - Personal Development & Tony Robbins UPW Class & Deals.mp3
2013-05-02_79_Richard_Neal-Loosing 242 lbs and winning 106k.mp3
2013-05-09_80_Aston Meyer - Journey to Greatness.mp3
2013-05-16_81_Aimee Coppola - What it takes to Make it happen.mp3
2013-05-23_82_LeeAnne Ruff - Coach Basics Training Program.mp3
2013-05-30_83_Brian Davis - I dare you to tell him he cant.mp3
2013-06-06_84_Carl Daikeler on Dreaming Big & Pre-Summit Tips.mp3
2013-06-13_85_Lyndsi Weise - Her Elite Journey.mp3
2013-06-27_86_Summit 2013 Wrapup & Franklin Covey Discussion.mp3
2013-07-11_87_Denise Needham - Time Management FranklinCovey Classes.mp3
2013-07-18_88_Running A Beachbody Event & Accountability Groups 101.mp3
2013-07-25_89_Social Media and your Brand.mp3
2013-08-01_90_Jillian Campayno - Instagram 101.mp3
2013-08-08_91_Jeff & Jason - Rapid Fire Questions.mp3
2013-08-22_92_Mindy Wender - Diamond Tips.mp3
2013-08-29_93_Christina Richardson & Lyndsi Weise - Star Power Challenge Groups.mp3
2013-09-05_94_Christina Richardson - Twitter Basics.mp3
2013-09-12_95_Jeffrey - Leadership & Its Traits.mp3
2013-09-19_96_John Walls - His Diamond Story.mp3
2013-09-26_97_Nicole Jones & Aimee Miller - Leadership Recap.mp3
2013-10-03_98_Jimmy Hays Nelson - 5 Essential Daily Tips.mp3
2013-10-10_99_Anne Dovel - Just Keep Swimming.mp3
2013-10-17_100_Anna Gray - From 10hr Shifts to Stay At Home Mom & Coach.mp3
2013_10-24-101_Heather Foltz - From Quitting to 8 Star Top 10 Coach.mp3
2013_10-31-102_Brian Davis & Jen Carder - 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity - Franklin Covey Discussion.mp3
2013_11-07-103_Jason & Lyndsi Weise - Building Your Business the Smart Way.mp3
2013_11-14-104_Hillary Kelly - Building A 15 Star Business.mp3
2013_11-21-105_Jeff Hill - 5 Leadership Traits That Will Guide You Forever.mp3
2013_12-05-106_Denise Rodriguez - The Art of Presenting This Business.mp3
2013_12-12-107_Missy Hacker - How to Make Time For Your Business.mp3
2013_12-19-108_2013 Wrap Up With 2014 Tips From Your Fit Union ELITE Coaches.mp3
2014_01-09-109_2014 Jumpstart With Jeffrey Jason and Lyndsi Weise.mp3
2014_01-16-110_Leslie Kortes - 2nd Chance In Network Marketing Paid Off.mp3
2014_01-23-111_Katie Greene - From New Coach to 5 Star in 10 Months! Learn HOW!.mp3
2014_02-06-112_Tami Michelle and Wendy Ellithorpe Diebel - Being Successful Right Away.mp3
2014_02-13-113_Jeff and Jason Open Question and Answer and Previous Office View.mp3
2014_02-20-114_Giovanna Githens - Social Media Posting - The Know Hows and Whens.mp3
2014_02-27-115_Lyndsi Weise - Leadership 101 - The Roadmap to Multi Star Diamond and Elite.mp3
2014_03-06-116_Jeff and Jason - Summit and Effective CBC Building.mp3
2014_03-13-117_Laura Gee - How to Effectively Communicate with Your Leads Pt 1.mp3
2014_03-13-117_Laura Gee - How to Effectively Communicate with Your Leads Pt 2.mp3
2014_03-20-118_Robert Hudgens - 5 Leadership Points That You Need to Hear.mp3
2014_04-03-119_Chris Reed - Using Consistency with Beachbody to Change Your Life Forever.mp3
2014_04-10-120_Bob Lucido - Veteran Experience from a Million Dollar Earner.mp3
2014_04-17-121_Aimee Coppola - How To Build To $1500 A Week In A Year.mp3
2014_04-24-122_Stephanie Chico - Doing the Right Thing For Your Team.mp3
2014_05-01-123_Mysi Beckstead Girdlestone - Delegating Your Business for Growth.mp3
2014_05-08-124_Jeffrey Armbruster - On Financial Freedom.mp3
2014_05-15-125_Open Mic With Jason Jeff and Blasi.mp3
2014_05-22-126_Financial Planning With Jason and Greg.mp3
2014_05-29-127_Amy Silverman - From A Dead End to Top 10.mp3
2014_06-05-128_An Incredible Journey With Mike Ryan.mp3
2014_06-12-129_Jeff and Jason - Open Mic June 2014.mp3
2014_06-26-130_Jeff Jason and Special Guest Marissa Myers - Summit 2014 Wrap Up.mp3
2014_07-10-131_Kristina Delgado - Financial Freedom.mp3
2014_09-11-132_Jeff and Jason - Fall 2014 Kickoff.mp3
2014_09-25-133_Jefff and Jason - Leadership 2014 Recap.mp3
2014_10-09-134_Lauren Duke - Path to 15 Star.mp3
2014_10-16-135_Jason and Christina Richardson talk Coach Development.mp3
2014_10-23-136_6 Star Diamond Christy Moore - Stay at Home Mom Success Story.mp3
2014_10-30-137_7 Star Diamond Mindy Hord - Coaching Was My Wake Up Call.mp3
2014_11-06-138_Jeffrey Armbruster - Coaching with Purpose.mp3
2014_11-13-139_Open Mic Night Q and A - Jeffrey Armbruster.mp3
2014_11-20-140_The Journey with Jason Diebold - Where This Leads.mp3
2014_12-04-141_Miguel Carrasco - BELIEF will take you Far.mp3
2014_12-11-142_6 Figure Earner Joey Petri - Veteran Coach Advice On Being Around Long Term.mp3
2014_12-18-143_Shannon Ostby - Multistar Magic as Full-Time Mom and Job.mp3
2015_01-08-144_Jeffrey Jason and Lori Werner - COACH KARMA and Building With Easy Steps in Mind.mp3
2015_01-22-145_Your Best Year Ever with Arnauld Nakaha.mp3
2015_01-29-146_Tony Horton - Getting Out of Your Own Way and Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable.mp3
2015_02-05-147_Anita Miron - Top 10 list from a Top 10 Coach.mp3
2015_02-26-148_NLP and the Power of Coach Communication.mp3
2015_03-05-149_Top Coach Melanie Mitro and the Power of Blogging in your Business.mp3
2015_03-19-150_2 Star Coach Glenn Akins and Power Hour Dominance.mp3
2015_03-26-151_Christina Richardson and Coaching Philosophy.mp3
2015_04-02-152_Lori Werner and Christy Moore Talk Challenge Groups.mp3
2015_04-09-153_Lyndsi Weise and Connecting with People.mp3
2015_04-16-154_Quay Eady and Diamond in 53 Days.mp3
2015_04-23-155_Katie Driscoll A Star Diamond While Working Full Time.mp3
2015_05-28-156_Bill and Jaime Guthier On How to Build a Big Business With Your Spouse.mp3
2015_06-04-157_Vito Lafata and Building A Business With Fitness Pros.mp3

2011-2012 Team Leadeership Calls:
2011-09-08_1-18_Jeff n Jason Leadership Call Kickoff.mp3
2011-09-15_2-19_Christy Moore - Star Diamonad in 5 months.mp3
2011-09-22_3-20_Jay Jorgenson - Corporate Wellness.mp3
2011-10-06_5-21_Stevin Weiderhold - Fit Clubs.mp3
2011-10-13_6-22_Jeff n Jason - Reset Info.mp3
2011-10-20_7-23_Jeff n Jason - Leadership Recap.mp3
2011-10-27_8-24_Jeff n Jason Team Challenge Prep Call.mp3
2011-11-03_9-25_Shannon Ostby - Quick Success with Team Challenges .mp3
2011-11-10_10-26_Becky Brosset n Shannon Ostby - Team Growth Tips.mp3
2011-11-17_11-27_Barbie Decker - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs.mp3
2011-12-01_12_28_Doug Fitzgerald - Advanced Leadership Training.mp3
2011-12-08_13_29_Angie Clinger - .mp3
2011-12-15_14_30_Tommy Mygrant - 5 Step Invite Process.mp3
2011-12-22_15_31_Jeff n Jason - Genealogy 101.mp3
2011-12-29_16_32_Jeff Armbruster - 2012 Preview.mp3
2012-01-05_17_33_Danielle Hinson - Major succes in 1.5 yrs.mp3
2012-01-12_18_34_Monica Ward - Time Balance.mp3
2012-01-19_19_35_Jason Diebold - Values Workshop.mp3
2012-01-26_20_36_Lindsay Matway.mp3
2012-02-02_21_37_Christy Moore - Contacting Leads.mp3
2012-02-09_22_38_Jay Jorgensen - Coaching Codes.mp3
2012-02-16_23_39_Jason Diebold - Business Tracker.mp3
2012-02-23_24_40_Pete Penya - Power of 1.mp3
2012-03-01_25_41_Jason Diebold - Genealogy.mp3
2012-03-08_26_42_ Joel Freeman - Les Mills Pump Trainer.mp3
2012-03-15_27_43_Mindy Wender - Twitter n Chris Steely - Business Success.mp3
2012-03-29_28_44_Arnauld Nakaha - Getting to Events n Atlantis Review.mp3
2012-04-05_29_45 Jeff n Christy Moore - Q n A.mp3
2012-04-12_30_46_Nicole Jones - Pinterest n Christina Richardson - Reset.mp3
2012-04-19_31_ 47_ Shelly Paraise - Customer Leads from BeachBody.mp3
2012-04-26_32_48_ Perry Tinsley n Katie Heifner - Team Building Tools.mp3
2012-05-03_33_49 Jeff n Jason - May Double Down Promotion.mp3
2012-05-10_34_50_Jason n Christy Moore - Live Customer Calls.mp3
2012-05-17_35_51_Jeffrey Armbruster - 20 Keys for your Business.mp3
2012-05-24_36_52_ Kristina Delgado - Earning tons of Elite Points.mp3
2012-05-31_37_53_Jeffrey Armbruster - Summit 2012 Preview Tips.mp3
2012-06-07_38_54_Jeff Gamet - Running Business Boot Camps Platinum Style.mp3
2012-06-14_39_ 55_Justin Rebman - Investing 101.mp3

Old - Jeff's Origional Calls:

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