To have love you have to give love!

This concept is true for anything! If you want something than give it away and the law of reciprocity demands that they will return it back to you. However, do it with the expectation of nothing in return! People can read your intentions. If they are for something in return then they will be weary of you. Instead if they are just about love, giving and sharing then they will sense this as well and respond caringly.

One big one for me is being able to accept help! Sagi Kalev taught me this one.

Does it feel good to help someone else that you love? Yes? Well then why would you withhold that same pleasure from others that want to help you?

That guy is a big huge man but I can’t decide which is his biggest asset? His heart or his intellect.

One last thought for those of us that are fearful of hurt and therefore avoid being vulnerable. We are only fooling ourselves! Love growth and sharing only come when you step outside of your comfort zone! When I am open, vulnerable and risking is the only time that I truly ever connect!

As Garth Brooks so eloquently says in one of his famous songs “the dance” you can avoid the pain but then you have to miss the dance!

Life like roller coasters involves up and downs. It is the low points that make the hills so exciting. You could ride a flat roller coaster however that is a pretty dull life.

Take a risk for love! Ride a big coaster! Enjoy the valleys because that means another hill is around the corner!!

With LOVE,




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