Per Jimmy Hays Nelson.  Start your personal development as soon as you wake up!  I went with one of the masters today!  Jim Rhon!  If I could only recommend one audio book, well then Rhon’s Building your Network Marketing Business would be it!  It is amazing for business but really is just a good motivation for life as well teaching the confidence building process.

My favorite quote that moved me today was

“the philosophy that makes it work, because you can have every technique in the world and the best product in the world and you can have the finest support system in the world, but unless you have the philosophy that drives you to do the necessary things to make it work, then nothing works.”

I had to come back to share this!  After I was listening on my phone I searched YouTube for Jim Rhon and I found this great video!  He even talks about PSI and High Valley Ranch in this talk!  Great stuff!!!



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