My buddy Jeff Armbruster is trying to host an event that will bring Tony Horton the creator of Power 90, P90X & P90X3 to Michigan.

With all of these types of events it takes money, time and interest.  Tony Horton has a hefty appearance fee (that the parent company charges), the venue will cost money so we need to make sure that there is enough interest to cover all of the expenses.  He has already expressed some interest in coming out however his schedule is tight.  If we can show that the community in Michigan supports it I am hoping that he will pencil us in!

Why is this important?  Well it is because of what it can mean to you!  Tony is a great inspiration kind of person who really does care about the individual results that his program can have on you life!  He works for months to come up with the best fitness programs to fit in a limited time slot.  He has to pick talent and make the video entertaining.  Then he goes into a studio and films the workouts.  He never gets to see the individual results until he goes out to meet his fans and then he truly is amazed and appreciative of the results that folks get in their own living rooms!  This kind of feedback and support from an icon like Tony is amazing for your own confidence level.  It was going to an event like this, meeting Tony, meeting all of the other people with both fitness and business success that allowed me to Hope, Believe & Know that that same kid of success was possible for me to!

In a tough Michigan economy this is even more important!  Jobs are drying up in Michigan!  People are leaving the sate.  Those that are staying are not finding Manufacturing jobs anymore as that sector is gone.  Service fields are still left for those that are there and with an aging baby boomer generation the Heath Care and Fitness are both still doing well!  Folks this company is the real deal!  If meeting and being encouraged from a guy like Tony Horton or a business success like Jeff Armbruster or Pete Pena or myself  (all graduates from Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw Michigan) can inspire you to tackle you fitness, your health, your career or even to start a new career than that is an action worth taking!   I wish that everyone could afford to fly to Vegas or LA to meet Tony Horton in person.  With money tight that is not always possible.  So show your support for this event!  Pledge your consent to being at this event May- June of 2104 and with enough support we will make it happen!  Then use this opportunity to believe in yourself and accomplish something that you believe in too!  Getting through a round of P90X or P90X3 from now until then and then being able to show off those before and after pictures to Tony himself next summer will be the kind of confidence building exercise that will prove to your self that anything is truly possible!

Here is a video of my fitness journey and why I feel it is so important to get an event with

Tony Horton of P90X3 in Michigan!

I am also including a link to an earlier video that I did that shows the dramatic business success that I have found since starting Power 90 and meeting Tony Horton for myself!

What this P90X business means to A guy like me from Michigan.



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