I am asked all of the time what it takes to be successful with networking marketing.

The real easy answer is consistency and duration!  Anything you do long enough consistently with the commentment to persist until success you will eventually achieve!  Or die trying!

I have been successful with building a network of people I love all working together towards a common goal!  

It has taken a long time (8 years) and this is only 1 of four of my businesses and I need to include an income disclaimer when ever I make any income claim as Beachbody makes no guarantee of success and your results will depend on your own efforts: http://www.beachbodycoach.com/uploads/fckeditor/mdbody/File/downloads/statement_of_independent_coach_earnings.pdf

But here is my earnings for one of my four business accounts!

Most people will consider the bottom number the most impressive but I want to talk about the next non zero number above it!


That is all that I earned in my first 4 months in this business.  Have you earned more that $4 in your first 4 months of your business?  If so your beating me!!!

I have pretty good results almost at the 3 million mark in my network marketing business and I had a pretty humble start.

I decided that the money was not important and I was going to do this business trough thick and thin no matter what it took to become successful at helping others improve their lives the same way I had fixed mine with these products!  Period,  failure was not an option I choose to be successful and it was not a matter of if but when!

I post to Motivate you not to promote myself!

If your interested is deciding to be successful too we have a FREE 3 day course to show what we do:


If your just ready to get started you can do that here:


If you want a short (but old) description of what success in this business can look like just watch this short video:




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