Today I received an email from a client who was wondering if recovery drink (s) and whey protein will slow down her weight loss.

Recovery Drink Whey Protein for weight loss

Recovery Drink Whey Protein for weight loss

Here was her question:

Hey there, I was wondering if i drink a recovery drink, eg. whey, protein etc will it slow my weightloss down?

This was my response:

Thank you for the question!

Diet is an integral point of any fitness program but if you combine it with supplements like Peak Bioboost you will sure get the results you want.

To figure out your daily needs first determine how much protein requirements that you need for the day:

So about 1 gram for every LB of body weight that you want to have (Your goal weight).

Then determine your caloric macro nutrient ratios.

There is lots of different ides here but I like the ratios from the zone diet plan!

Explains macro nutrients and ratios:
Ratios for popular diets:

Ratios by weight goals:

Assuming that your looking for fat loss I recommedn something like: 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 20% fat

Using these numbers and your 1g or Protein ber LB of ideal body weight you come up with some numbers like:

120 LBS = 120 G of Protein a day

then use a calculator like:

to give you your daily needs:

Carbohydrate: Percentage: 40% 120
Protein: Percentage: 40% 120
Fat: Percentage: 20% 27

When you break that down per meal for 5 meals a day it looks like this:

Carbohydrate: Percentage: 40% 24
Protein: Percentage: 40% 24
Fat: Percentage: 20% 5

So now you know how many grams of each nutrient to have per day!


You won’t gain weight unless you go over these numbers and it makes good sense to balance your macro nutrients at every meal.

So to answer your question:

“Hey there, I was wondering if i drink a recovery drink, eg. whey, protein etc will it slow my weight loss down?”

Nope it won’t slow down your weight loss you just need to account for it with your daily meal plan!

Determine which meal or snack will be this shake?  Say after a workout.  Then factor in the nutrients (Protein, Fat, Carbs) per that meal and account for it in your daily diet!

You can get a FREE meal plan here:

The Recovery drinks from TBB are a bit on the caloric side.  Tony Horton and Shaun T himself recommend drinking them at about 1/2 strength! And therefore 1/2 of the calories.  Either way just plan for them in your daily diet with the plan above and you will be fine!
I feel that Shakeology is a great recovery drink to have during and after each workout!  The macro nutrient ratio of the shakes are great.  They can be adjusted by adding extras to the shakes and are only about 150 calories before you add any extra ingredients!

You can see More about shakeology here:

I hope that answers your question!  It is really just about making long lasting habits!

I have experienced that many of us make long lasting habits easier with peer support.  This comes in mnay ways like motivation, accountability and support.

We do this through text, emails, phone calls and Private FaceBook groups!

I would love to help you make some long lasting habits out of your fitness program!

Please just let me know if this sounds good to you and which of the contact methods above work easiest for you!




-Jason (PuckHead)

Jason Diebold – Independent Team Beachbody Coach #91947

9SD – Combined 16 Star Diamond, Elite (2010, 11 & 12) and 2009 Top Coach

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