Today I received an email from a client who was looking for a
Shorter Workout
that was still good for folks with Knee Pain.

Workout Knee Pain

Knee Pain while workout

Client email asking for some shorter workouts for folks with knee pain:

Hi Jason,

Thank you for the email. Honestly, I have started and stopped this pelvic floor strong program several times. The main issue is probably not anything you haven’t heard before. I simply run out of hours in the day. I do a lot of coaching of youth sports so I’m typically out of the house from 6am – 9pm. I’ve started doing my workouts from 4:30am – 5:45am. I was able to do that for about 5 weeks and then just got so exhausted that I couldn’t function.

I’ve thought about going to another workout program that is less time (through P90X), but have 2 concerns. 1) I tried some of the ab workouts that were not part of the ab ripper and had no success with them (so I’ve gone back to ab ripper which I know works). and

2) I’ve had several knee surgeries so a lot of the jumping, twisting, ect. is out of the question. I already have to modify the Plyometrics and Kempo workouts to prevent further damage to my knees.

I’d be interested in what advice you’ve given others as I’m sure my situation is not unique.

This was my response:

Thank you for your email response!

Yes I find that many of us do well for a while and then eventually “slack off”.

Motivation is temporary. Habits with a strong emotional reason or attachment can become rituals and rituals will always last longer than a motivation!

Your probably right that your exhaustion does simply come from doing too much in one day. However, it may also come from not taking enough healthy fuel per day. We call that bonking. And in the P90X nutrition guide that is a reason to switch from Phase to Phase. As soon as you feel that you don’t have enough energy to finish your workouts than you need to shift from one phase to the next. These 3 phases are not necessarily 30 days each!

Also I find that if I need a little boost at the end of the day or before a workout I use either the EnE drink or the Performance Formula tablets to get a little bit of extra energy or to commit me (As I don’t want to waste the supplement) to my next workout in 15-30 mins.

Yes! P90X can be time consuming! From a time perspective Power 90, T25, P90X3 and even The New 21 day Fix will save you some time. Both Insanity and T25 does have a lot of jumping and twisting so I might not recommend those 2 to you. Power 90 and P90X3 are both reasonable when it comes to jumping and twisting and I am sure that you could modify those as you have modified P90X Kempo and Plyo to save your knees! The New 21 day Fix is a program that was designed for women primarily but I have done it and many men have gotten great results from it as well! It is especially attractive because of its short durations, food container meal plan, attractive celebrity trainer and fitness model leading the workouts and its low cost! I would recommend that you click each of the included links above to research each program and see if one of these shorter 25-30 min programs would work better for you!

I tend to agree with you Ab Ripper X is really one of the best routines for ABs ever made! I also enjoy the Ab Ripper 100 and 200 in Power 90. When I am trying to get in my best “Event Shape” I do always go back to Ab Ripper X and Ab Ripper 200! With that being said there is a new Ab ripper in P90X3!

Maybe the best NEW solution for U to save some time might be to do P90X3 and Ab Ripper X. I recommend Ab Ripper 3x a week maybe right before bed if you are doing your P90X3 in the Early AM! Only 30 mins 6x a week id just 3 hours a week and the extra 3 sessions of Ab Ripper X only adds another 45 mins to your weekly workout schedule! We both know that kind of results that you get from P90X is well worth 3:45 a week! Just think about the time and money your saving from being sick or having some injury due to not exercising and eating right! I speak from experience as I am nursing a back injury right now from hockey, which I may have avoided had I been doing more P90X type of routines!

As for the knees! Maybe a supplement or change in your diet might help! Glucosamine as found in our Joint Support Formula is the industry standard for joint issues although I have found that alfalfa tablets work just as well if not even better for me. You can get alfalfa tablets at Wal-Mart or any pharmacy really. Perhaps a brace may help as well I used a brace with springs when I first started and progressed to an ACE type of brace before finally graduating to no brace when I was struggling with my knees too. Don’t forget that just a great diet like that including Shakeology can really help all over body health! When you are taking in good clean foods instead of those with artificial ingredients and toxins then the body frees up more resources to heal instead of detoxifying all of the time!

I have experienced that many of us make long lasting habits easier with peer support. This comes in many ways like motivation, accountability and support.

We do this through text, emails, phone calls and Private Facebook groups!

I would love to help you make some long lasting habits out of your fitness program!

Please just let me know if this sounds good to you and which of the contact methods above work easiest for you!


-Jason (PuckHead)



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