Sculpt B in the books tonight

As you may know I am in Miami for a teem meeting. Tonight I went down to the hotel gym and there was this ripped looking young looking black man working out with his shirt off like he owned the place! He was very comfortable there!

The old me probably would have turned away not wanting to do my girlie DVD workout by this “pro” type guy.

The new me however knew that I needed dumb bells and is 3 weeks into my workouts and is not going to miss a day just to make someone else more comfortable!

So I picked a good spot for my DVD close to the weight staying out of his way and pushed play.

If you know me at all? The you know that is it hard for me to finish a warm up with a shirt on so after the first 2 warm up moves I felt restricted and I took my shirt off.

I was a tad conscientious that I did not look as ripped as he did. But Oh Well!

I just got my workout in! I actually felt pretty comfortable and confident next to him. At one point he was curling 35’s with a bit of a struggle and I was lucky to be doing 30’s at my max for 16 reps. But we were pretty close.

By my third set he could not help it anymore and he asked me how I liked those P90X workouts? :0)

I hit pause for a min and told him my experience with it. He shared with me he was an x NFL player for the Dolphins (Marino era) and had gained some extra weight so he had started to hit the gym again and he looked great.

Little did I know I was working out next to a first round draft pick in the 1997 NFL draft.

Again I exchanged my experience with Beach Body and he told me a few cool football stories. One with “Danny” Marino ;0).

At the end of my workout which was quicker and with less rest than his was we exchanged info. I give him a card and a few samples. I don’t know that he will follow up like he said that he was interested in but I am proud and amazed that I influenced a 1st round draft pick from U of Miami! We were the same age and we both looked years younger.

For me this is significant because I was not a college athlete. I doubt that those guys would have asked me for my fitness opinion back then but tonight an NFLer wanted my professional opinion on my fitness routine! 100% o my fitness results have come from TBB programs. To get better results expert trainers recommend to use the best pre workout supplement which you can find at the link.

We can choose to be comfortable and ordinary or uncomfortable and extraordinary!

What did you decide to be today?

Folks we are 3 weeks into our P90 Support group and several of us are having amazing results!  I am down about 7 lbs and am looking MUCH better than three weeks ago!  My old buddy who just started back up is down over 20 lbs in the last 3 weeks!  And we have another fitness buddy in his mid fifties who is down over 70lbs in the last 6 months!

If you are interested in being a private friendly support group check out our event page and let us know!



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