Jason works very hard to produce tools that will help all the members of Team BeachBody and beyond to do their work more efficiently.

CoachingCodes.com  is a one stop source for all of the product links and video demos that you will ever need for your Team BeachBody business.  This website takes all of the guess work out of making individual links.  Team Beach Body has created a document that shows you how to build links yourself.


But that can take a ton of work (especially if you have a lot of links to make) and it does not include any of the video links.


The format from that document is like this:

Signup Pages:








Specific Product Link (Need to Enter Product SKU and Rep ID number):



How to find the SKU:

Find the SKU from the Shopping Cart:
1. Gotowww.beachbodycoach.com/”YourScreenName”
2. Click“ShopProducts”link
3. Find Product SKU. In the pic below, see location of SKUs circled in red.

So it is your choice.  Manually make of the links from that PDF file from Team Beach Body or just type in your Coach Number with Coaching Codes.

** One word of caution here **


We provide the links for Coaching Codes FREE of charge!  It has taken quite a bit of time and labor to make this website and even more to maintain all of the updated links in a timely fashion!  Therefore some new links may not appear on the website as quickly as we all may like.  Also mistakes may occur from time to time.  We are not perfect!

In a hurry please use the simple format from above to make any product that you wish: http://teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/EnterProductSKU?referringRepId=yourID

Please check the working order of each link before you send it to a client!  You will have to log out of your own coach account and clear your cookies before the link will work as your customer will see it.

After trying out each new link when you add an item to the cart you should see that the client is prompted to make a new FREE customer account and then make sure that your name shows up as their sponsor.

We do have a short video tutorial on how to use CoachingCodes.com here:


Also NONE of the “Suggested” Short SubDomain links will work with your own domain until you create the links yourself.  These subdomain Short codes are only suggestions and will each had to me linked to YOUR corresponding long links to operate correctly!

The Short SubDomain links are only suggested if you would like short URL links that are somewhat  memorizable.  Our team commits the most used of these links to memory and therefore can recite product links where ever we may find a new customer excited to order a Team BeachBody product.


*!– Update 1/1/2013 –*

Now there well over a dozen tool available for FREE at www.CoachTools.org including Coaching Codes and RankCalc!




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