Normally this link would goto to a form where I was donating my time and services to help other coaches maximize their business profitability.

However I recently received a letter from compliance:

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 6.36.16 PM

As you can see the section of our rules and regulations that I was not in compliance was:

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 6.36.29 PM

However, I really don’t see it as any violation as you can tell from my response:

Ok what ever you deem appropriate.

However if you read the section that you highlighted for me below I am well still within compliance from my interpretation. As you can easily determine from working at beachbody my income normally exceeds 10,000 per week. That number divided by a 40 hour work week makes my time worth approximately 250 per hour.

The best use of my time is BY FAR not helping other coaches maximize their business potential! However it is a service that is often asked of me!!

I am normally way too busy working my own business and leading my team of over 20,000 coaches to offer this service to other coaches. Yet it is still asked of me. It got to a point where I did not have enough time to do it for everyone that asked for it and I came up with a number that was less than what I was earning per hour. Not to make a profit but just to provide a service that was being asked of me!!!!

It should be very easy to see therefore that this amount really does not “exceed my out of pocket costs” (especially in time my most valuable resource). However if you would like me to deny any future requests for this service in the future I will be happy to do that as I have many other activities that are much more rewarding to me. I was simply providing a service that people have asked of me and beachbody actually has had me present before at past company meetings.


So per Compliance I can no longer helping any other coaches maximize their business potential through this type of analysis. I will always offer my advice and support to my teammates for free as they reach the 1-star and 2-star marks. However time does not permit me to offer this anymore to any other coaches because I was “market(ing) to any other Beachbody Coach or
customer any other products or services from which they may earn an additional stream of income”.

Funny it was costing me much more in terms of time and energy than I ever charged. 100% of the people that I have helped with this service were more than satisfied that they received their money’s worth and rarely if ever did I actually accept payment from anyone. The mere mention of money was enough to make sure only folks that actually valued my time and analysis would request it.



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