Well I am not sure if that is the best word to use to describe the Videos that I make but here are the many YouTube Channels that I have created.

PuckHeadFitness Video Channel.  I first created this channel just to show my fitness progress and it has morphed into a default location to throw all of my generic videos.  So you will find product reviews, new fitness moves, general how-tos, some food preperation and som generla information on Team BeachBody Products and Coaching.

PuckHeadFitness – Video Channel


In LA we find ourselves in traffic quit a bit of the time!  I often think or talk to myself during these long drives so one day I decided to film a video of my thoughts.  It has turned into a YouTube channel when I talk about Business, Motivation and general Personal Development.  No one is paying me for my advice but if you want to pick up some of my small life lessons, then PLEASE feel free to stop by and chek out my DriveTimeUniversity Video Channel.  You can also get to DriveTimeUniversity at http://www.DriveTimeU.org .  I am not sure if people watch these because the content is so valuable or if they ar waiting for me to crash or get arrested?  I am not sure but if either ever happen while filming I will be sure to keep the camera rolling!


DriveTimeU.org – Video Channel


The first YouTube channel that I created was simply to share a few videos with a few friends.  I did not like the name of the channel and did not know how to change it so I just stopped posting to this one and moved on to the other two.  But, after time I noticed that some of these videos were getting tons of hits and they qualified me for the YouTube advertising account.  So I never really got rid of this channel and I still have a couple of cool videos on here so feel feel to stop bye and see Jason Diebold’s first YouTube Channel.


diebjt – First YouTube Channel


Do you remember a time before Facebook?  Well I do!  It was called MySpace for me!  I also have a few videos over there that I have never bothered to move so if you would like to see my videos from the early days please check out my MySpace Video Page.

MySpace – Video Channel





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