What are you watching?

The other night I was watching a scary movie with a friend.  It is October so that is not so weird to be watching a scary movie.

After the film both of us were left a little frightened and paranoid.
I thought to myself well of course we are scared.  We just watched a scary movie.  I quickly decided that I didn’t want to remain frightened all night long.   So if we had watched a scary movie and felt fear I decided to suggest a fun movie to feel happy.

We decided on “Wreck It Ralph” yes I know this is a movie for kiddos.  However it is written by adults and there are many great personal development concepts in it.  It is hard to keep a dry eye at the end of the movie when you see his sacrifice for a friend and how much friendship means to him in the end!

It worked and after the movie we both felt optimistic and happy!

The concept is not that difficult to understand.  We are Human Beings!  Being is just a description of the sort of feeling and emotions that you are displaying.  What are you being?
If you are being impatient is it any wonder that people around you feel rushed and want to run away. If you are being supportive it makes perfect sense that other people around you would feel courage and want to spend more time with you.

I have heard a funny truth.People always smile when you are in a room together.The only question is do they smile when you arrive or when you leave?

We are physical humans driven by emotional feelings.  It is not impressive to see someone being controlled by their emotions, however if emotions are predictable then why not encourage the emotions that we want to experience.

I did that from choosing a scary movie or a fun one.  And we can choose to do that at work, or in a stressful situation or with someone that we love.

Your emotions are never wrong.  Or right for that matter!  No one ever has the right to argue your emotions.  They are just the way that you feel based on your current perception.  If you change your perception you will change your feeling or your emotions, which will then influence your actions that will change your results.  When you change your results you are changing your life!  So changing your perception will change your life!


I am not here to tell you what to feel or not to feel.  I would encourage you to become conscious of it though what ever it is!  Only when you can understand your feelings and why your feeing that way, do you then have the option of changing it.  Simply changing the way that you feel based on how you have to be in order to accomplish what you want in in your life is then just a conscious decision.

A unique exercise is to measure your emotions every day!  Every hour even.  What ever you measure you can improve upon!  If every hour you measure your emotion on a scale of -15 to +15 (+15 being the happiest) write down the emotion that you are experiencing and what caused it.  Then over time you will see your past emotions and what caused them, a trend if you will.  As soon as you form a trend than you can predict future results.  With that history trend if you want to feel a certain emotion you can do what you did before and that should cause you to feel the same way again!

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We are emotional beings reacting to events that occur through our own perception, which has been crafted by our own life experiences and lessons.
As soon as you become conscious of that then you can shift your perception to create a better emotion or reaction.

The next time you get mad or frustrated instead of reacting out of that root emotion created by past experiences.  Why not instead ask yourself the question “What is the gift in this experience”.  I find and I think that you will too that with this way of thinking you will tend to see the blessing lessons that you are being shown daily instead of reacting to what may seem like hurdles your encountering.

Much more on emotions to come, in future blog posts!  Stay tuned especially those of you that feel difficulty expressing your emotions.  That pretty much means all men period and the women with high pressure/stress careers



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